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Chandler:A maker and seller of candles.

Chandler (origin): Middle English (denoting a candle maker or candle seller): from Old French chandelier; (see chandelier).

Chandelier (origin): Mid 18th century: from French, from chandelle ‘candle’, from Latin candela, from candere ‘be white, glisten’.


So we make aromatic candles. So do many others. So why buy our candles? We create genuinely high-quality items without the high price tag, so you can burn these every day and enjoy a simple luxury. Don’t be fooled – we use the very best imported raw materials, it’s just we know it can be done for less than damaging your bank balance.

We purchase all our oils from specific suppliers or we sometimes blend our own. The most important component in any aromatic candle is the scent. Our priority is to create or purchase distinctive fragrances first and foremost and we work hard to source the scents that are a little bit different. Our aromas may have a similar name to other makers but they're not the same. Our range has some constant popular scents and then we add or change fragrances according to season, or just for something new to try.

Making candles by hand is a mixture skill and technique as well as chemistry and physics. There are reasons that good candles work well,  just as there are reasons for those that don’t; this lies in a combination of the factors mentioned. Chiaro Candles are made in small batches to maintain integrity and consistency and use only the finest products; our expertise built over the last few years is no small component.

What’s in them? Pure 100% natural soy blended with organic coconut oil to create an entirely natural wax; the soy is grown on farms in North America. This wax is compliant with the very demanding US home market including Kosher; we use cotton core wicks, and a blend of essential oils and fragrant oils -  the latter being perfume grade which are created to high international standards (IFRA guidelines). As a general comment 'organic soy candle wax' does not exist in the true sense in that once the oil has been processed to make it solid, it can no longer be claim the status ‘organic’.